Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Call

"This simple courtesy is all the Holy Spirit asks of you. Let truth be what it is. Do not intrude upon it, do not attack it, do not interrupt its coming. Let it encompass every situation and bring you peace. Not even faith is asked of you, for truth asks nothing. Let it enter and it will call forth and secure for you the faith you need for peace. But rise you not against it, for against your opposition it cannot come." ACIM text pg. 370

"To you who have acknowledged the Call of your Redeemer, the strain of not responding to His Call seems to be greater than before. This is not so. Before, the strain was there, but you attributed it to something else, believing that the "something else" produced it. This was never true. For what the "something else" produced was sorrow and depression, sickness and pain, darkness and dim imaginings of terror, cold fantasies of fear and fiery dreams of hell. And it was nothing but the intolerable strain of refusing to give faith to truth and see its evident reality." ACIM text pg. 371

I believe I ignored the Call for so many years and that is why I had some difficulties, although, looking back, those difficulties brought me to the place where I am today. Now I am more peaceful than I have ever been in my entire life. When I try to have faith through my ego, I block the Holy Spirit from showing me the truth which leads to faith and, ultimately, peace. And isn't that what we are all looking for? Peace. When I ignore the Call (which I don't do anymore; I can't!!), I get bogged down in the world and the pain that this world and the ego try to give. I like how the Course says "dim imaginings of terror" and "cold fantasies of fear" because that is all they are - imaginings and fantasies. There is no terror and there is no fear. These things cannot have any effect on me because they are not real. The Course is very clear about that. Only God is real. But I can MAKE fear and terror (pain and suffering) seem real when I believe in them. You make real what you believe.

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